CANARD Drones has launched the PNA-200, its proprietary light-weight, portable and wireless signal analyzer

CANARD’s proprietary PNA-200 is a portable, light-weight, wireless signal analyzer. This device is specifically design to be used in ILS and VOR measurements for the ground checks as specified by ICAO in Annex 10 and Doc 8071. The interfaces and capabilities of the PNA-200 have been developed to perform this […]

Visual Aids have been inspected by CANARD at Findel Airport, Luxembourg

On the night of April 21st, CANARD Drones inspected the PAPI lights of Findel Airport in Luxembourg, with the presence of ANA (Luxembourg Air Navigation Administration) and airport personnel. The following night CANARD Drones inspected also the Runway Lights of the airport.

CANARD Services were requested to perform PAPI calibrations at three different airports in Oman

CANARD has worked with the company Power Advantage of Oman to inspect the Visual Aids of three airports in the country. CANARD also acts as a service provider, inspecting and calibrating navigational aids for airports anywhere in the world. The flexibility and innovative technology of CANARD allow inspections to be […]

Indonesia receives CANARD solution for inspection of Radio Aids

CANARD Drones delivered its first complete system for inspection of radio aids to the Indonesian DGAC (Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan Udara). The system consists of hardware (drone and various equipment) and software (platform and CANARD App) that allow customers to complete the inspection tasks. Also, CANARD has provided the training in […]

CANARD Drones inspects visual aids at Zurich Airport

On the night of November 26, Canard Drones inspected one of the PAPIs, one of the ALSs and part of the lights on the taxiway at Zurich International Airport. The operation was a success and was completed in a short period of time comparing to traditional methods and without interfering […]

Follow Canard Drones operations on Flightradar24

During the Canard Drones inspections at the Almería airport, the drone integrated an ADS-B transponder, which made it visible on the ATM screens operated by air traffic controllers.

Canard inspects Almería airport

Canard Drones has been carrying out work at Almería airport for the last three days. The tasks include practically all the elements that make up our current commercial offer, and a first exercise for FOD detection. On Monday, Canard's team carried out work to determine the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), […]

Canard inspects and surveys Burgos airport

Canard Drones carried out the inspection of all the pavement at Burgos airport, along with other maintenance tasks between June 29th and July 1st. As Burgos is a VFR (visual flight rules) airport, operations were coordinated with all the companies and institutions involved, such as AENA and SAERCO (a private […]

Domingo Ureña about COVID-19: "Airports will need to rethink their business model"

Domingo Ureña, Chairman of CANARD, analyses the impacts of the COVID-19 in the aviation industry where airports will need to reinvent themselves to face the future challenges. With decades of experience in the aviation & aerospace industry, Domingo is the former CEO of Airbus Military and Defense and currently one […]
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