CANARD Drones carries out an inspection of PAPI systems at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

CANARD Drones has carried out the verification and calibration of PAPI systems(Precision Approach Trajectory Indicator) and the inspection of runway lights and approach light system of the runway 18L at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. In order not to interrupt the daily activity of the airport, the inspection has been carried […]

The DGAC has tested and validated the use of drones for PAPI commissioning and calibrations

The DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) carried out a series of tests in April this year in order to validate various calibration methods. After analyzing the calibration of PAPI with different technologies and the solution with drones offered by CANARD, our technology has obtained a favorable result by the French […]

CANARD Drones participated with Aena in a joint conference at the World ATM Congress 2021

The airport operator Aena presented its strategic plan in which new innovative technologies are a key player of their airport operational management system. In the framework of Aena’s innovation strategy, there is a Drone Program with the aim of validating UAS (drones) technology and testing different improvements that its use […]

CANARD Drones presented its efficient solution for NAVAIDs Inspection at Thales Booth in the World ATM Congress

For the airspace navigation, safety is priority #1. To comply with the national and international regulations, airports must periodically check their NAVAIDs, runway’s condition, visual aids and other systems. 

ICAO has included the use of drones as a valid methodology for PAPI inspection in the Aerodrome Design Manual

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has just included the PAPI inspection method with drones in its documentation: Doc 9157 Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 4 - Visual Aids, 5th edition (Amendment 1, 07/12/2021), paragraphs 8.3.43 - 8.3.46. According to the text, the method is used to adjust the PAPIs, valid for both […]

The PAPI Systems at CRIA Ciudad Real International Airport have been inspected with CANARD Drones Solution for Visual Aids

Thanks to the excellent coordination between all stakeholders and CANARD, the calibration of the PAPIs systems went very smoothly and efficiently. The team is grateful to the airport for getting on board with this innovative way to inspect navigational aids CANARD drone-based solutions.

ENAIRE has relied on CANARD’s technology to carry out the first ever drone operation for navigational aids inspection at Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas Airport

The operation was carried out under the existing collaboration agreement between ENAIRE and CANARD. The Spanish Air Navigation Service Provider has relied on CANARD's drone-based solution to perform the first inspection of air navigation aids with unmanned aircrafts at the international airport Adolfo Suárez - Madrid Barajas Airport.

CANARD worked with ENAIRE and Thales España to perform the inspection of a VOR facility close to Salamanca Airport (B.A. Matacán)

Working with ENAIRE and Thales España drove us close to Salamanca Airport (B.A. Matacán), to perform the inspection of a VOR facility. Thanks to our drone-based solution and proprietary ILS/VOR receiver and software, we had the opportunity to support their ground checks and diagnostic of the VOR.

CANARD Drones has launched the PNA-200, its proprietary light-weight, portable and wireless signal analyzer

CANARD’s proprietary PNA-200 is a portable, light-weight, wireless signal analyzer. This device is specifically design to be used in ILS and VOR measurements for the ground checks as specified by ICAO in Annex 10 and Doc 8071. The interfaces and capabilities of the PNA-200 have been developed to perform this […]
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