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Our Top Mission

For the air transportation industry, safety is the number one priority. To ensure safety and to comply with the national and international regulations, airports around the world have to periodically check the runway’s condition, lights, visual aids, navigational aids and other systems. These inspections require a lot of costly resources, time and affect airports operations and therefore revenue.

Many of these maintenance activities even require the use of flight inspection aircraft, equipped with expensive onboard sensors, equipment and software. Today’s practice of performing inspections with manned airplanes has a very high direct cost for the airport, including the ferry flight to bring the airplane to the location, operational expenses such as fuel, flight crew, and airplane maintenance, insurances, and storage. Also, planning and flight inspection schedules are often impacted by weather conditions or flight slots lost.

CANARD DRONES was born in 2015 to offer an alternative solution for these inspections using drones, custom software tools and new procedures.

The Company

Since it was founded in 2015, CANARD has grown to a highly skilled team capable of understanding the aviation industry and delivering solutions that truly solve problems.

Our development team is composed of engineers experts in  Software, Telecommunications, Computer Vision and Aeronautics. Our multidisciplinary teams combines knowledge several technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, simulation, databases, mobile apps and more. This allows us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

The operations team is made of aeronautical and software engineers that support our customers to ensure the highest service quality possible. Our drone pilots, who perform our operations and train our customers to perform their operations have been operating drones in airports for more than 2 years. Our quality & certification engineers are experts in aeronautical procedures, safety studies and methodologies like SORA. All of our procedures follow ICAO and FAA recommendations.

Our management team combines for more than 100 years of experience in the aviation, communications, software and technology industries.


Our management team includes 2 heavyweights of the industry, with decades of experience leading aviation & engineering companies. They also have a successful track record in entrepreneurship and innovation in this field.

Domingo Ureña


Former CEO of Airbus Military and Defence. Decades of experience in the aviation & aerospace industry. Engineering, strategy and corporate processes.

Sergio L. Varela


Three decades of experience in aviation & aerospace. Experience in strategy, international relations, change management and engineering. 

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