Smart Solutions for smart airports

smart solutions for smart airports

Drones for inspection of airport systems and NAVAIDs

Some of the leading European airport operators have already put their trust in CANARD to improve their inspection and maintenance activities using our drone-based system that helps them reduce time and costs.  

More efficient

we perform the calibration in a fraction of the time. PAPI verification takes less than 10 minutes and ALS inspection in just 3 minutes.

Cost saving

compared to other options, such as traditional flight inspection aircraft, our solutions help reduce costs in maintenance activities.

Noise Free

our system is completely silent and emission free, allowing inspections at night, thus eliminating the impact on airport operations.

More accurate

the centimetre-level positioning system of the drone and the capability of hovering and flying at different speeds allows very precise inspections.


the operational procedures are automated, reducing risks and human error and improving accuracy and safety.

Easier scheduling

our system can be shipped through couriers or as checked luggage on commercial airlines,  allowing quick response to our customer’s needs.

Cutting-edge technology

Our solution is based on the highest quality drones, custom software tools developed JUST for our inspections and operational procedures based on international standards and regulations such as ICAO or FAA. CANARD is the leading company in the use of drone-based solutions for airport and NAVAIDs inspections.

Customised solutions

We know that every airport operator can have particular needs and operational restrictions. That’s why we can provide tailored solutions for every case. We can pair our solution with consultancy services and support as well as a customised SLA (Service Level Agreement).

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