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CANARD provides solutions for NAVAIDS inspections

CANARD’s solution allow the different actors in the industry to be fully competitive, reduce costs, and increase accuracy & effectiveness in their operations. CANARD is the leading company in the use of drone-based solutions for flight inspections, looking to be the “best in class” solution for this specific market’s needs.   

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CANARD’s portfolio includes services: CANARD uses their own resources to perform inspections such as PAPI calibration, ALS inspection,  ILS/VOR  maintenance  support and runway inspection; products: the customer buy the system to operate by their own, CANARD provides capabilities and a customized  SLA to support the operation (maintenance, operation planning, training,  certification) and consultancy services

Are you ready to be amazed?

We are certified as PAPI calibrator

Some of the leading european airports have already put their trust in CANARD to improve the airport maintenance using our drone-based system that helps them to perform the NAVAIDS Calibration.  

More efficient

we perform the calibration in a fraction of the time. Our current operation is performed in less than 8 minutes.

Noise Free

our system is completely silent and emission free, allowing to perform the operation at night.  It also increments the flexibility of our operation.

More accurate

the capability of hovering in front of the system allows us to minimize the human error associated to the current measurement.

More available

our system is able to operate 24/7, minimizing the hassle of scheduling the calibration.

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