CANARD Drones participated with Aena in a joint conference at the World ATM Congress 2021

The airport operator Aena presented its strategic plan in which new innovative technologies are a key player of their airport operational management system. In the framework of Aena’s innovation strategy, there is a Drone Program with the aim of validating UAS (drones) technology and testing different improvements that its use can have in the airport environment.

During Aena’s conference, David Rodriguez (Operations Director of CANARD), pointed out that drones are an ally for air control management. The benefits of CANARD’s solution – short runway occupation time, real time measurements, flexibility, availability 24/7 and zero emissions – position it as an efficient technology. CANARD has already partnered in the verification of PAPI systems with Aena, through their Solution for Visual Aids inspections.

Nowadays, the use of UAS for PAPI calibration has been already included by ICAO in the Aerodrome Design Manual (Doc 9157). CANARD will lead and support the development and validation of new technologies with UAS that will make processes and services more efficient and sustainable for AENA and the aviation industry.

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