CANARD Drones has launched the PNA-200, its proprietary light-weight, portable and wireless signal analyzer

CANARD’s proprietary PNA-200 is a portable, light-weight, wireless signal analyzer. This device is specifically design to be used in ILS and VOR measurements for the ground checks as specified by ICAO in Annex 10 and Doc 8071. The interfaces and capabilities of the PNA-200 have been developed to perform this maintenance activities in the most efficient way.

Based on software-defined radio (SDR) technology, it allows digital signal processing in a device with a reduced size, making it truly portable. The PNA-200 can be handheld-operated or installed in a vehicle.

The interface with the receiver is an App that runs on an Android tablet. CANARD has developed a user-friendly and intuitive mobile App. This App allows the configuration of the device as well as the visualization of the data in real time.

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