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During the Canard Drones inspections at the Almería airport, the drone integrated an ADS-B transponder, which made it visible on the ATM screens operated by air traffic controllers.

Canard inspects Almería airport

Canard Drones has been carrying out work at Almería airport for the last three days. The tasks include practically all the elements that make up our current commercial offer, and a first exercise for FOD detection. On Monday, Canard's team carried out work to determine the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), […]

Canard inspects and surveys Burgos airport

Canard Drones carried out the inspection of all the pavement at Burgos airport, along with other maintenance tasks between June 29th and July 1st. As Burgos is a VFR (visual flight rules) airport, operations were coordinated with all the companies and institutions involved, such as AENA and SAERCO (a private […]

Domingo Ureña about COVID-19: "Airports will need to rethink their business model"

Domingo Ureña, Chairman of CANARD, analyses the impacts of the COVID-19 in the aviation industry where airports will need to reinvent themselves to face the future challenges. With decades of experience in the aviation & aerospace industry, Domingo is the former CEO of Airbus Military and Defense and currently one […]

Canard performs the first airport NavAids inspection with drone in the US

On the 25th of February, Mineral Wells airport in Texas was the focus point for FAA, USAF and US Navy officials to observe the ways of working of the Spanish company Canard Drones, specialized in airport NavAids inspection and certification. The solution encompasses cameras and receivers on board a commercial […]

CANARD integrates into routine airport operations at Seville

Seville airport, in Spain, was the scenario last week of an inspection and calibration operation, carried out by Canard Drones. It was the first in Spain with coordination of drones in controlled airspace within the airport while the airport was fully operational. The works were carried out both at day […]

CANARD & LVNL conduct successful ILS measurements with drone in the Netherlands

Thursday the 19th of December, on request of LVNL (air navigation services provider from Netherlands), CANARD performed a demo on Groningen Airport Eelde to demonstrate the use of our drone solution for ILS calibration measurements.

Drone Operation within Madrid-Barajas CTR in coordination with ATC

On December 2019, CANARD performed one of the most interesting works that we have done so far... It actually isn't an airport inspection, but it has to do with airports and landing. We flew our drones next to the approach of runway 32R at Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) during the […]

CANARD collaborates with ICAO Visual Aid Working Group

The VAWG (Visual Aids Working Group) of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), at its eighteenth meeting, proposed raising the inclusion of PAPI calibration procedures with UAVs in its ADM4 document (Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 4) to the ICAO Secretariat. Canard Drones assisted in the elaboration of the procedure, and […]
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