Smart Solution

drone + software + procedures

Our solution for inspection of airport systems and NAVAIDs is based on three pillars: the highest-quality drones, customised software developed just for this purpose and tested and validated operational procedures.

Drone characteristics

  • 2 models of drones to customise solution
  • 25+ min. of flight & quick replacement of batteries
  • Positioning with precision <2cm vertical and horizontal
  • Tablet for data visualisation and mission control
  • Rugged transport case for shipping
  • 4k resolution video
  • Automated & pre-defined flight plans

Software characteristics

  • Android app for data visualisation and mission control
  • Real time telemetry and video
  • Guided steps to help follow procedures
  • Automated report generation
  • Cloud software for operation and asset management
  • Database of airports, runways, navaids, lights, ...
  • Storage of operation data, video and measurements
  • Inventory management tools

Procedure characteristics

  • Verified procedures based on ICAO & FAA standards
  • Operational planning and checklists
  • Emergency & safety procedures
  • Training program and user manuals
  • Maintenance program

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