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The bigger the dream, the more important the team

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For the air transportation industry safety is the top one priority. Airports around the world have to check the runway’s condition, and the visual and radio systems located close to the airport runways. That needs to be periodically inspected from the air to make sure it works, and to comply with the national regulations based on international standard.

To perform the required flight inspections, airports use flight inspection airplanes with onboard sensors. Today’s practice of performing inspections with manned airplanes has a very high direct cost for the airport, including the ferry flight to bring the airplane to the location, operational expenses such as fuel, flight crew, and airplane maintenance, insurances, and storage. On the other hand planning and flight inspection schedules are often impacted by weather conditions or flight slots lost.

Why not use a drone to perform the inspection of runways and NAVAIDs instead of such an expensive solution?

Our Story

A Little About Us

One of the co-founders, Jorge, a serial entrepreneur was the first one to ask himself this question.  Why not use a drone to perform the inspection of runways and NAVAIDs instead of manned aircraft?

Then, he started to find people to validate the idea and asked the same question to Ana Perez, a former Airbus employee with a huge experience in UAVs, whom he met at the IE Business School.  “A drone flying inside an airport. Why not?, it is an aircraft”.

Rafael, Juan and Jorge met in a bar around a couple of beers (where all ideas are born) and put the rest together. Jorge and Rafael met at school and continued together at college. Last but not least, Rafael and Juan spent seven years at Indra working at the military communications. To avoid any stone unturned, Juan holds a Master in UAV design and onboard systems. 

CANARD´s team was born.

Team of founders

Great companies start because the founders want to change the world... not make a fast buck.
Canard Drones - Jorge Gomez

Jorge Gomez


Entrepreneur with over two decades of C-level experience. MSc in Computer Science and Executive MBA degrees from Harvard University and IE Business School.

Canard Drones - Rafael Aguado

Rafael Aguado


Took me 10 years of working in big corporates to become the entrepreneur I am. Achiever and maker. 20 years of experience as an engineer and MBA.


Ana Perez


Aeronautical Engineer. Commercial and Business development/Focal point with the Aviation Authorities. Experience with military aircraft and UAVs.

Juan Diaz


Telecommunications engineer with a Master in UAVs design and onboard systems. Experience in military communications and SW development projects.


Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating
jose silvar

Jose A. Silvar

Account Manager

With 20 years of experience in the airport market. Silvar has participated in some of the biggest international airport projects, working closely with the clients.

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

QA & Certification

An aerospace engineer with a master’s degree in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Experience in military aircraft certification, quality assurance, and air navigation.

Canard Drones - Matto Godoy

Matias Godoy


Software engineer with a master’s degree in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Embedded systems developer. Self-taught maker and passionate about technology.

Canard Drones - Raul Alonso

Raul Alonso


Telecommunications engineer with a Master in UAVs design and embedded systems. Experience in SW development, systems integration and embedded OS.