CanardDrones participa en la certificación del Aeropuerto Internacional de la Región de Murcia

Madrid, 12 de junio de 2018 CanardDrones ha participado en los trabajos que se están llevando a cabo para la verificación de redioayudas y los procedimientos de navegación del Aeropuerto Internacional de la Región de Murcia (AIRM). La calibración se ha realizado con un avión de la Unidad de Verificación en Vuelo de Aena Internacional, […]

CanardDrones shows real capabilities, reliability at Pori Airport inspection

The ability to perform natural drone operations inside the normal manned operations at an airport has been duly proved at Pori airport in Finland, last May 17th. For 13 hours, CanardDrones, ANS Finland and Unifly worked together performing six 40 minutes inspection batches in full coordination and with full reliability of all systems. During this […]

CANARD is hiring!

Do you fit the profile of software developer, computer vision and machine learning or signal processing and want to work at one of the most innovative drone company in the world? Send you CV and Join Us!

CANARD Drones: Boosting the Intelligence of Airport Maintenance Duties

21/02/2018 - The Spanish startup CANARD hit on another idea: Why not use a drone to perform the inspection of runways instead of such an expensive solution?

The four steps of a start up

11/11/2017- Interview with Redbull explaining the four steps followed by Canard Drones to set up a winning start up.

AENA awards CANARD the public tender on PAPI calibration with drones

28-/09/2017- Following a public tender, Aena, the world’s largest airport operator by passenger numbers, has appointed CANARD Drones to perform the inspection and calibration of PAPI NavAid systems at seven airports.

Canard’s Microsoft-powered drones make plane landings safer at airports

19/01/2017- Canard, a Spain-based startup, uses the unmanned aerial vehicles to calibrate runway lights at airports, which saves time and money.

Canarddrones: a Spanish company offering airport drones

13/01/2016- Created six months ago, the startup believes that the drones will replace aircraft in airport runway calibration operations.
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