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We are the first company that provides fully automated calibration and verification of the approaching lighting system. Including the calibration of your PAPI systems.

PAPI Systems

The CANARD solution for PAPI system inspection and calibration using UAVs provides a fast, accurate and safer alternative to the current approach Airports use.

Industrial Facilities

With the use of different sensors and cameras, the CANARD system can be used for inspection of industrial facilities (lighting systems inspection, corrosion detection, air quality sensors, etc.).

Luminous Signals

The systems and techniques employed by CANARD can be used for inspection of lighting systems in heliports, seaports, petrochemical plants and other large structures.

Unmanned solutions

With state-of-the art systems and techniques, CANARD's unmanned solutions can be applied to several other fields and sectors with efficiency, accuracy and safety.

Our Simple Step

Process Flow


Our experts will sit down with you to define the requirements and needs of your project, establishing the SLA (Service agreements) baseline. This baseline will be able to be modified upon agreement, we are flexible enough to adapt our processes to your needs, and we translate the agile management to our operation implementation.

Mission Plan

Once the requirements and needs are defined, we will prepare the operation plan, that will be extensively confronted with your personnel, allowing us to head to the operation phase. We have already a portfolio set of operational plans that will help us streamline its definition. This phase is considered critical, as it will define the actions that will performed during the drone's operation.


It's time for our drones to do their magic. Our certified pilots will start the automatic or manually operation plan to proceed with the inspection or the calibration. Depending on your needs the flight plan will be customize to fulfil with the requirements. If necessary weather reports will allow to adapt the operation on the fly.


Depending on the operational plan, the report will be performed either on real time or once the drone has landed for additional processing. Delivering early information in real time allow us to be flexible enough to modify the operation plan depending on your demands. In any case the report will be confirmed and generated once the information acquired by the drone is processed in our servers on the cloud or in the ground station.
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