Safety Studies & Procedures

Safety studies & Procedures

We use international procedures and methodologies to elaborate the safety studies and risk assessments required for the operation of drones in airports and other complex environments.

Our solutions enhance the maintenance activities using the latest technology: drones. To fly this type of aircrafts, CANARD complies with the most advanced regulatory frameworks. In this regard, before every operation, a Risk Assessment is elaborated to guarantee the safety and performance of the activities, taking into account the details of each scenario. The methodology used by our engineers and included in our procedures is SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment), which has become the standard tool for authorisation of drone operations.

In the example below, it is shown a Risk Assessment of an operation already performed, stablishing zones, profiles and characteristics, among other details. We have automatised this procedures using our software tools and our database of airports, runways and navigational aids.

CANARD has also collaborated with the different stakeholders: safety agencies, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Navigation Service Providers (NSPs) and Airport Managers to safely introduce drones into airport environments. Our studies and procedures have allowed us to perform day&night operations, within controlled airspace, and even in coordination and controlled by ATC. These authorisations have been obtained in several countries, including operations in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris (CDG).

The training program developed by CANARD is based on the knowledge generated with the stakeholder’s collaborations and the airport environment operations performed. We can train personnel to elaborate the safety studies and documentation required to obtain authorisation for drone flights in airports and other complex scenarios.

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