3D reconstruction and orthophotography

Photogrammetry with Drones

Photogrammetry is a technique that allows  measurements over aerial photographs of surfaces, buildings or structures, once the scale is known. CANARD makes use of this technology on two of its most important applications: orthophotography and 3D reconstruction.

With orthophotography, we are able to create a high resolution (0.5 cm/pixel)orthophotomosaic of a surface from a set of georeferenced images captured with a drone. This way, the operator can perform activities such as surface inspection or field measurements without the limitations imposed by the terrain itself.

On the other hand, 3D reconstruction allows inspection of buildings, structures or terrain. Making use of a drone, we are able to obtain a set of aerial photos from all around the object of interest so that its 3D model can be generated. This model can be used by the operator for analysis, to take measurements, or even to analyse the presence of new objects or structures on the field.


With these solutions, CANARD is able to:

  • Reduce the on-field operation time
  • Improve the resolution of the generated models, compared to, for example, total stations
  • Perform inspections in areas of difficult access by ground
  • Improve operator safety during the images acquisition process
  • Perform multiple measurements and analysis from a single 3D reconstruction or orthophotograph 

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