Milan-Linate, first PAPI inspection with drones in Italy

Last October 18th, CANARD successfully conducted the first PAPI inspection with drones in Italy. The whole operation, including the planning and authorisations took just 1 week, as ENAC (the Italian CAA), offered the opportunity of testing CANARD’s solution at Milan-Linate airport. The operation included the inspection of the PAPI systems at both runway headers, 18 and 36.

The whole operation took about 1h, with the actual inspection time being less than 10 minutes for each PAPI. SEA and ENAC were very satisfied with such performance and how user-friendly CANARD’s software is, with an app that provides real-time measurements for a quick PAPI calibration. In addition, the complete procedure is automatised and guided in the app, allowing for a complete inspection and report on the spot in minutes.

Another feature remarked by SEA and ENAC was the accuracy of the solution, showing repeatable and consistent measurements.

Thanks to ENAC, SEA and ENAV for making this first inspection possible.

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