Drone Operation within Madrid-Barajas CTR in coordination with ATC

On December 2019, CANARD performed one of the most interesting works that we have done so far… It actually isn’t an airport inspection, but it has to do with airports and landing. We flew our drones next to the approach of runway 32R at Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) during the night, in an operation approved and coordinated with ATC, without segregating the airspace and without interfering with airport operations.

The works consisted in the filming of a 24.000 m2 area filled with screens that displayed messages that can be read from any commercial airliner that lands at runways 32L and 32R. This installation is part of an advertising campaign from a Spanish Airline for Christmas.

This is an amazing feat in Spain, where the regulation is very strict and it isn’t easy to obtain the necessary authorisations. The approval from AESA that CANARD obtained this year is what allowed this kind of complex operations (controlled airspace during the night) near Spain’s largest airport. This is the reason why CANARD was tasked to perform this operation, as only we have the procedures, authorisations and experience to obtain the approvals.

Enaire, entity that provides ATC at this airport approved the coordination for the operation and published the corresponding NOTAM, which can be appreciated in the screenshot below.

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