IAG visits CANARD Drones to learn more about its innovative solution

IAG Airports, company that enables transformative synergies across IAG’s (International Airlines Group) airline and cargo businesses, has visited CANARD Drones in Madrid as part of its ongoing evaluation of drone technology.

Whilst onsite, IAG Airports had the opportunity to understand more about the company, its hardware, its software, and to view live demonstrations of different drone-based inspections.

IAG Airports highlighted: «It was great to see the drones carrying out pre-assigned missions for the inspection of airport runways and lighting installations, and to understand how the solution can significantly reduce the time to complete the tasks and capture greater volumes of data for real-time and post-event analysis.»IAG visits CANARD DRONES

Juan Díaz, CTO of CANARD Drones, commented: «It was great to meet with Greg Paton (Group Transformation Lead at IAG, in the image) during this workshop and learn about IAG Airports’s initiatives for automation. Always glad to see that key actors in the industry such as International Airlines Group (IAG) are pushing for innovation in aviation

IAG Airports will continue working with CANARD Drones

IAG Airports announced that the company will continue working with CANARD Drones to understand how their solution could be tailored to carry out aircraft inspection for maintenance and turn events on ramp, especially during snow events.

International Airlines Group (IAG) is one of the world’s largest airline groups, with a fleet of 558 aircraft, operating 256 destinations and carrying around 94 million passengers each year. It is a Spanish registered company with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange and Spanish Stock Exchanges.

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