Key factors of Canard solution: Flexibility, immediate response capacity and certified results

Canard Drones remains committed to helping with the inspection and certification services for NAVAIDS to both authorities and operators of airports, once this uncertain situation that every country is facing is over. Returning to normal will imply important challenges and changes: security, along with flexibility, will be essential.

Airports worldwide are coping with the consequences that the cessation of activity has, that directly affects every part of their activity and therefore their income.

When the situation improves and activity is restarted, airports will need to resume their services as quickly as possible, but safety must always be the number one priority. Both airports and airlines are being especially affected by the measures required to fight COVID-19. Therefore, the response capacity of service providers will be paramount in order to limit their losses.

Canard Drones remains committed to helping both authorities and operators of airports with the inspection and certification services for NAVAIDS. Currently, Canard Drones offers a solution for the inspection and certification services for aids to navigation, both visual and radio for airports. Among many other advantages, this package of services can be operated in a shorter period of time. That will allow airports to save time and reduce the use of the calibration aircraft, only being necessary for actions of greater value. This will solve the limited availability of this kind of aircraft.

Taking this into account, the impact of possible service closures due to the non-operative nature of navigation aids would be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the fact that the implementation of Canard’s solution integrates seamlessly into routine airport activities also limits the time the airport must remain closed until its navigation aids are accurately calibrated again.

Canard’s solution can be easily transported, so airports with less traffic density can have their services operational, practically at the same time as the large hubs they serve. In this way, traffic distortions are minimized and a normal situation is reached more quickly.


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