Polish CAA green lights CANARD’s solution for airport inspections

Polish Aviation Authorities stated “there are no obstacles to introduce RPA-based solutions into aerodrome manuals” in a communication to CANARD. Our solution is considered a “a proven method of PAPI system calibration and verification”. This is the result of a test and live presentation performed by CANARD last October 26th at Olsztyn-Mazury airport, in Poland.
The document also states that further live tests will be needed, under CAA inspectors control to allow RPA based solutions be a part of the maintenance process for Polish airports. Although current Polish regulations state that initial calibration (after installation of a new unit) must be done by aircraft, they are working to change those regulations this year.
This communication opens the possibility for CANARD to start the process to be accepted as a service provider under the Polish national regulations in a short time. CANARD is already providing calibration and inspection services to several European airports, an expanding to other markets like Central America and Africa, throughout agreements with service providers, always supported technically by CANARD.

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