CANARD calibrates all PAPI systems at Charles de Gaulle

On the week of April 15th, CANARD carried out the calibration of all PAPI systems in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris, France. This is a total of 8 calibrations, performed in 2 nights, taking advantage of scheduled runway closings for maintenance. This means that no airport operations were affected at all.

On the first night, the south runways (08L/26R and 08R/26L) were closed from 00:00 to 04:00 AM for maintenance activities. CANARD performed the calibration of all 4 PAPI systems in these runways. The whole operation lasted less than 2 hours including measurements of PAPI installation horizontality and moving from one header to another.

On the second night, it was the turn for the north runways (09L/27R and 09R/27L), which were closed again from 00:00 to 04:00 AM for scheduled maintenance. Again, the remaining 4 PAPI systems were calibrated using our solution.

Our team used our drone-based solution and software to take the measurements, indicate adjustments for the PAPI lights to the airport personnel, and perform the final verification to generate the reports. Everything in a few minutes per PAPI.

This is the third operation at CDG Airport, adding up to a total of 16 PAPI verifications/calibrations for them. This means that CANARD’s solution has been integrated as the standard procedure for PAPI inspection at this major airport. The easy integration and coordination with other airport maintenance activities and the possibility of night inspections is what has attracted CDG to rely on CANARD.

CANARD thanks Charles de Gaulle Airport and all involved personnel for trusting us and helping us deliver another successful inspection.


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