Our History

Our brief but exciting story

Founded on the 5th of December of 2015, CANARD has accomplished countless achievements in such a short period. From the founders betting on a promising idea, to our current team developing and delivering solutions to our customers. This is CANARD's brief but exciting story...


After months of shaping the idea of a project for using drones as an alternative to flight inspections, CANARD is founded on the 5th of December, 2015. Also, we are selected to participate in the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation program (ESA BIC).

Canard Drones - Final Selection Days SBC


In April 2016, we travel to Amsterdam to participate in the Startup bootcamp Smart Cities & Living 3-moth program. The project is matured and we start our initial test flights with a prototype. We receive several awards such as the Hello Tomorrow Challenge and the Finodex call. These prizes help us set-up our offices and keep developing the company. 

Canard Drones - SBC


At the beginning of the year, we close a £1M  investment round that allows CANARD execute the business plan. In August, we are awarded a contract with AENA, the biggest airport operator in the world, to provide the calibration of PAPI systems in 7 airports. At the end of the year, we do our first night operation at Charles de Gaulle airport, in Paris.

CANARD wins AENA Public Tender


At the beginning of 2018 we obtained the certification from the DGAC to perform PAPI calibrations in France. During this year we performed many PAPI verifications and calibrations for airports in countries such as Spain, France, Finland, Poland. We also performed demos of our solutions for ALS and runway lights inspection. Our solution for ILS and VOR inspection and maintenance was also tested and showcased during the year.


This is a year for expansion to the whole world. Several airports are already benefiting of using our solutions, but we want to help every airport around the globe. It is also a year of unveilings, as we are launching many additional capabilities for our platform, allowing for an integral solution for many types of inspections.

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