CANARD performs inspections at Huesca-Pirineos Airport

On the 6th of February 2019, CANARD successfully performed the inspection of the PAPI systems at Huesca-Pirineos Airport, operated by AENA. This inspection was the 4th service for AENA under the ongoing contract signed in August 2017 for the verification and calibration of PAPI using drones. In addition to the verification of the PAPIs of runways 12R and 30L, CANARD performed the inspection of the ALS located at runway 12R and the runway lights of 12R/30L.

The inspections were performed by CANARD with a crew of two, a certified drone pilot and an operator. Coordination with the airport was carried out through VHF radio according to the procedures stablished by the airport and CANARD. In order to avoid impact on airport operations, the inspections were performed outside of the operational hours.

The results of the inspection are obtained in real time and can be provided to the maintenance crew to take corrective actions if needed. CANARD is able to provide the reviewed and signed reports in less than 48 hours.

CANARD is working on the incorporation of artificial vision algorithms for the automatic processing of images and the identification of defects of the ALS system that will make the operation totally autonomous. That is, the drone itself will be able to determine if any of the lights is off, misaligned or has some other type of anomaly, eliminating possible human error in the evaluation of images. This development is advanced and will continue to be compatible with human supervision.

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