Our solution for calibration of PAPI systems fully replaces the flight inspections with manned aircraft for commissioning, inspection and calibration. The operation is done in a few minutes and can be carried out during day or night time, which allows a more flexible scheduling. It is being used regularly by airports such as Charles de Gaulle (Paris) since 2018.

The inspection is carried out in a few minutes by self-driving flights carried out by the drone and can be done both during the day and at night. A more accurate method is guaranteed thanks to specific procedures and a drone that uses GPS and is combined with a reference station that allows to apply RTK corrections.

Inspection with CANARD solution guarantees a more precise method thanks to custom software, specific procedures and RPAs with precise GNSS.

Measurements performed:

• PAPI Installation Horizontality
• Transition Angles For Each PAPI Unit
• PAPI System Angle
• Angular Coverage
• Symmetry
• Relative Brightness


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