By flying further away from the antennas and higher, the ground inspections with CANARD solution have greater correlation with flight checks than handheld or vehicle mounted methods. This translates into quicker, more insightful and repeatable ground checks, which is especially relevant for GP. As a result, and according to ICAO, the period between flight checks can be extended, which results in cost savings.

The performance and accuracies required by ICAO Doc 8071 are achieved with our proprietary onboard ILS/VOR receiver. With a weight of less than 900gr, it provides all necessary ILS parameters (DDM, SDM, frequencies, modulation levels, etc.) required to perform the different checks and measurements.

Checks and measurements performed:

• LOC/GP Displacement sensitivity
• LOC/GP Width
• LOC/GP Alarms
• LOC/GP Clearance
• LOC/GP Structure
• LOC Course alignment
• GP Angle
• Identification


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