PAPI Calibration

Canard offers a reliable and economical alternative to conventional flight inspections, allowing more flexibility and increasing the automation and intelligence in the calibration of airport NAVAID systems. Our RPAs operate both day and night, in most weather conditions, and align with the airports’ specific maintenance requirements.

Our solutions combines state-of-the-art hardware with our custom software to fully automate RPA operation, and we have cleared the regulatory hurdles to operate in the complex and restricted areas of the airside zones.

We help airports to:

  • Decrease management time, and free-up maintenance staff capacity
  • Significantly improve inspection accuracy by up to 20%
  • Comply with inspection timeframes by providing increased flexibility from operating day and night, and availability

PAPI Calibration with RPAs

Canard provides an end-to-end service that performs quick and accurate PAPI light inspections using sensor-equipped RPAs (Remote Piloted Aircraft, or drones) with precise satellite positioning, saving airport operators time and money in maintenance tasks

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