ILS Measurement in BRAs

The solution that Canard is developing in cooperation with to70 provides a tool for airports, architects and any stakeholder involved in the construction of new buildings or structures near an airport. To achieve this, CANARD uses the RAMS system, also used for ILS calibration support, which equips ILS signal measurement devices and a precise satellite positioning system with cm level accuracy.

We pair this hardware solution with our software tools for mission planning, data processing and asset management. The whole solution (HW + SW) is designed to follow the operational procedures that CANARD is developing.

In the same way as the rest of our product lines, we are developing this solution and operational procedures according to ICAO regulations and in conversations with major airport operators and civil aviation authorities.

If you are interested, contact us to know more about our roadmap in this product line.


ILS measurements in BRAs

In cooperation with the dutch company to70, Canard is developing a drone based solution for ILS measurements in Building Restricted Areas (BRA). This product is aimed to provide more information in the studies and analysis that are required when constructing new buildings in areas around an airport categorised as BRAs. With additional data taken from our drones, the analysis can be more detailed and help optimise the design of the building.

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