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All of our solutions

Our portfolio started with a PAPI Calibration solution, to prove that the usage of RPAs inside the airport environment is the future. Along the road, we have increased our range of solutions to ILS calibration support or runway inspections. Please contact us for more information

PAPI Calibration

Canard provides an end-to-end service that performs quick and accurate PAPI light inspections using sensor-equipped RPAs (Remote Piloted Aircraft, or drones) with precise satellite positioning, saving airport operators time and money in maintenance tasks.

ILS Calibration Support

Canard measures the ILS signal (localizer and glideslope) to support with the calibration and maintenance activities of ILS facilities. By taking over part of the measurements and procedure, the time and cost of the ILS flight inspection and maintenance activities is reduced. Our RPAs (Remote Piloted Aircraft, or drones) use precise satellite positioning (with cm […]

ILS Measurement in BRAs

Jointly with the Dutch company to70, Canard is developing a drone-based solution for ILS measurements in Building Restricted Areas (BRA). The solution is aimed to provide more information in the studies that are required when constructing buildings in areas around an airport categorized as BRA.

Runway Inspection

Canard is developing a solution for runway inspection of ground lighting, FOD (Foreign Objects and debris) and damage using RPAs. The elevated point of view, accurate positioning system and management software provide an advantage in terms of effectiveness and data analytics.